Iron and Wine – Next to Paradise / Dirty Dream

A special vinyl-only single released for Record Store Day or some such musician Christmas thing, and showing a callous disregard for the fate of those record stores, because these two songs aren’t very good.
Okay, it’d be silly to expect I&W to release their best two songs on what is essentially a charity single, but hey, if Pearl Jam could up and make “Last Kiss” just like that, why can’t literally every other band?
NtP (as the kids call it) is a slow, doddering piano track that fails at summing up life’s experiences succinctly, while “Dirty Dream” is a two-minute shuffle that’s notable mostly for its funny title. Might be a nice morning wake-up song, but there are many better ones out there. Like on the next album. I don’t like writing cover letters. Why can’t I just be headhunted for sitting at home learning things?

5 / 10