Iron and Wine – Around the Well

This is a collection of B-sides and soundtrack songs. I’m feeling a loss of passion of writing passion for music reviews that nobody reads and I’m sick of having this on my iPod, so fuuuuuck foreeeeeever. Mostly good songs, with an equal smattering of completely forgettable songs and fucking incredible songs (holy shit “Belated Promise Ring” and “The Trapeze Swinger”) so get it if you care. I do, but I feel nothing in my sad, cold heart.

And there are covers! Lovely ones! Turns out lots of great songs still sound great when you break down and Iron and Wine-ise them! The Postal Service’s “Such Great Heights” is quite nice though of course still sickly sweet, and The Flaming Lips’ “Waitin’ For A Superman” is still heartbreaking, though a bit of a reminder that Wayne Coyne at his best is a better songwriter than maybe anyone ever and it’s understandable and sad that he can only reach those great heights a few times per decade. New Order’s “Love Vigilantes” isn’t a standout, but Stereolab’s “Peng! 33” is quite great, and nothing like the original. So, good job with the covers!

So, a few clunkers, but mostly a quite good collection of riffraff that sounds neither riffy nor raffy, just a bit underwritten. At least listen to the fucking “The Trapeze Swinger” because ZOUNDS! A TRAP DOOR!


Whew! Nothing broken. Well, if you can still hear me from down here, I was going to say that “The Trapeze Swinger” is long and great and somehow never ended up on a proper album, and peak early Iron and Wine.

7 / 10


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