Wolf Parade – Semi-Precious Stone / Agents Of Love


It’s over! Gotta be willing to take the L! Wolf Parade is gone gone gone, and so it is and most likely so it shall ever be, and with their demise my memories associated with them become, probably, more hip but more melancholy. And they go out by giving us a two-song single, featuring the two songs named in the title. Ten minutes or so of interesting-voiced prog-rock, as they’ve really gone full pro at this point. They stopped singing about reality long ago, and here maybe more than ever, singing about bartering in a post-apocalyptic wasteland and secret agents coming for your hearts.
Of the two, the former is far better since “Agents Of Love” has a really annoying harmonic riff shadowing most of its lines, and SPS has a good thumping beat, and I should mention that the topic is actually pretty cool instead of way out there spec sci-fi. But about the unreality: life is, of course, a series of mundane events punctuated by moments of clarity and emotion, and neither of these songs really gets at any of “it,” it being what actually interests me in art. So it’s more than a bit lost on me, even if I always liked their sound. I presume he’s still not in love with the modern world, and I’d love to argue about that instead of dreaming about secret agents and the sky turning brownish grey and distant explosions and whatnot. And yes, the idea of “the sound of the sky foaming at the mouth” is quite evocative, the most evocative that it gets here, but it’s not backgrounded by enough reality to make it seem properly stark. Maybe if I play some of their earlier songs in rotation. I’d give it about a 30% chance of being true.

6 / 10


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