Elliott Smith – New Moon

Well, captain funnyvoice’s (sorry, sorry Captain Funnyvoice) second posthumous album is way better than his first! Probably (definitely) because it consists of twenty-four (!) outtakes from the sessions for his two best albums, Elliott Smith and Either/Or (I was a little bit wrong, years ago). This was back in the good ol’ days, when the songs were mostly acoustic (or at least quiet) and relied on being freakishly well-written and kittenish.
ES, especially with his stringy black bangs and prematurely weathered face and arm tattoos and tragicomic suicide was Original Emo, but his music doesn’t follow any of the negative things associated with that genre, aside from being unrelentingly sad. I’m not sure how many of these songs stayed in the vault for so long, it’s hard to find good reasons to want to do anything but buy the poor guy a drink and hear his tales.
This is a solid, solid release, more androgynous folk than rock music, and to my great delight it contains one genuine sticky earworm! That would be “Whatever (Folk Song In C),” which gets pretty direct about its drugs and sadness: “Come here alone and they leave in twos / Except for you and me who just came to use / If you’re all done like you said you’d be / What’re you doing hanging out with me?” over, well, some nice folk that’s presumably in C. It’s all very stark and pretty, and it’s about Elliott, but at least he got some nice music out of it. “Big Decision” is great too! And “Angel In The Snow” is great too! In fact, the only bad song is the would-be title track to the latter progenitor album. We’re’d!

8 / 10


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