Cuff The Duke – Morning Comes

Oshawa’s finest are back with a record that’s way the fuck more alt-country, and way more predictable. That’s nice, but, as I’ve mentioned many times, I’m far more into originality. The album starts with four songs use an identical chamber-of-souls-sings-song-title-four-times for a chorus, and they are all midtempo little country rock songs, and they all make our narrator seem rather valourous, and they are all rather good. Then there’s a boring little acoustic country meh. Why is anyone content? It could be way, way, worse, but it sounds like what it hopefully is: a placeholder album for a talented, but economically struggling band.
I’m trying to learn guitar myself, and let me be the very first to yell you, it isn’t easy! I’m learning from Justin Sandercoe, a nice British boy who wears lots of hats, and trying to be as methodical as possible. Hey, anything’s better than writing cover letters (I’m miserably unemployed)! I’m currently on my fourth day of Stage four, a stage that I reckon will take me a few weeks to get through, since I motored through the earlier stages on the back on my earlier guitar learning’s back when I was just writing my book, not having already sat on it for two years.
I’m having some trouble with my life these days, and I’m feeling all that charitable to music that in no way helps. Only the wonderfully epic “Bound To Your Own Vices” makes me feel better about the world and my ability to make anyone happy, since I obviously can’t make myself happy. That’s what I want, Cuffsters! Chance-taking nine-minute multi-part epics with clever lyrics and feels of longing and sadness conveyed through music instead of through increasingly achy vocals. Music is therapy for me, like booze and cuddles, so don’t get all milquetoast on me here.
Apparently the little theme is loss, but it isn’t obvious to me where that’s coming from, unless they mean their loss of ability to write songs as good as “Ballad Of A Lonely Construction Worker,” though it could be that the musical hooks just aren’t there to make me follow the lyrics, and when I do I get lines like “life is all the things that happen between the things that happen to us every day,” and then I drift off and continue reading about Breaking Bad. Holy shit, they really did turn Walter White from a charming anti-hero into a despicable villain, and I hardly even noticed! Now that’s writing! Someone get THAT guy to write songs for Cuff the Duke! I hear he’s unemployed too!
Wait, did I say “unemployed”? I meant “a well-adjusted, well-paid professional creating an intelligent and much-loved television show.” Not sure what happened with my brainboard there.
On loss, though, the closer “Letting Go” is pretty damned nice, clumsy lyrics aside.

6 / 10


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