Cuff The Duke – In Our Time

Heydo whoooooom it’s a six song cover EP, across predictable influences but nevertheless ones that match my interests as a fellow white person from the east coast.
You guys like Guided By Voices? Swell, me too! They cover “Smothered With Hugs,” a song I’ve unfairly rejected for having a terrible title. How about Sonic Youth? Maybe you’ll like this version of “Diamond Sea” that isn’t 13000 minutes long! Does Smog give you a big boner? Then surely you’ll like their sorta note-for-note cover of “Cold Blooded Old Times” and stuff. Isn’t “Always Looking” by Dum Dum Girls a great song? It sure stays that way when C the D cover it! Have you ever heard of John Lennon? I haven’t, but I reckon that this “Instant Karma” thing might have potential on a piano, because it sounds all wrong on guitar.
The only one I wasn’t familiar with is Englishman Bill Fay’s “I Hear You Calling,” which becomes a rather lovely repetitive folky thing. Hey, it’s a covers EP, and Cuff the Duke don’t take any great risks, but they don’t really need to – these are all very good songs. The only real qualm is with the Jim Lemon one. Otherwise, if it was original material I’d be all floored and stuff, but as it is I’ve just the riff from “Always Looking” in my head.
So, nothing groundbreaking here, but some nice HEY! A to-do list! Apply for a job? Aw come on, I did that yesterday!

7 / 10


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