Vampire Weekend – Holiday

Boy howdy golly Jesus fucking Christ, it sure has been a long time since I’ve sat down at the Reviewatron2000 and written about music! It’s also been a long time since I’ve made some handwords about the quality of a musical release! So I’m just gonna ease myself back into things by talking about a wee two-track single. How kid Cute-e!
Now, this might get interrupted, because I’m currently working on a very important project. I am currently, you must understand, transferring thousands of 2013 tax appeal forms to their correct folders. I’m a 28 year old man and this is what I’m currently doing with my summer days. Blarhrhrrh! It’s so boring it’s making me a pirate! Now, don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want to live in a country where the tax appeal forms are haphazardly categorized, and someone has to do it, but it sure is impossible to make it at all interesting. And since it’s government work, it has to be in the most sad of cubicle farms, with nary a morale-boosting ping-pong table in sight.

This is a sinkle, by everyone’s favourite young, rich, good-looking New Yorkers, Vampire Weekend. Oh look, a sorta-reggae catchy single that’s sort of about vacations and sort of about the Iraq War. Well, it is certainly quite catchy. And then there’s an overly symphonized, un-catchy, lengthier B-side about marrying and divorcing into a wealthy family. At least, that’s how I interpret this, and I must be right or it’ll shatter my whole self-image.
I will grant V-Dub this, and it’s a big This: they aren’t complainers. That Regina Spektor song “Poor Little Rich Boy”? Great song, you probably know it. It DOESN’T apply to them at all. There’s very little caterwauling going on here, and it makes for a refreshing listening experience. All these songs are like Seinfeld observations in their level of emotional detachment – and it’s pretty great. But! When the songs aren’t catchy there’s no personal connection to fall back on, so “Ottoman”, a song that makes a damned piece of fancy furniture its main point of identification, is dead to my ears if I’m not humming it on and off for the next decade. And I’m not! Though “Holiday” is great, it comes from the album “Vampire Weekend Live! At The Movies!” so you should just buy that instead. Though there’s one big advantage to hearing “Ottoman” at least once, and that’s that you won’t be tempted to listen to the soundtrack to “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist” from whence it came. According to al-Wikipedia, the director put that soundtrack together to showcase songs from “the best bands nobody’s ever heard of.” I’ll just let that sink in for a minute.

Now download “Ottoman” and never speak of that movie ever again.

6 / 10


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