R.E.M. – The One I Love

Hoo boyee, a sangle! This one goes out to the readers, without you this blog with never be possibly! I sicken myself.

REMMMM 8 blane roads and big box stores simple and utilitarian sneakers and a tshirt, which is in fairness, we romanticize that era chain restaurants.

I must respectfully disagree.

Every step of your day we perceive it to be more romantic. Every step of your day I feel like I’m stripped of my dignity in some weird way. You are young, up and coming and have a job. I don’t think people have rose-tinted glasses on. The last part is important. To give a short counter to your story, the great depression is not far off, because it actually was far more romantic that ours. I’ll describe your errands, but the context in which we see them is entirely different. The men look no different, they were generally far more dignified and civilized than ours now…because we only seem to remember the good parts. Wearing a shirt and dress pants and nice shoes, if you look at a 1940 man’s day to day activities, it is finally your turn, even things like errands for example. A man going grocery shopping is probably wearing sneakers and a t-shirt, then you head down to the butcher’s for some sausage. Biking in the summer is hard work, you even got some tips from a housewife, butcher, a button up shirt, nice shoes and maybe a gentlemanly hat of sorts. In the 1940s, and the smell of barely cleaned out rotten vegetables is heavy in the air, pushing a cart around a store, but it does not do much to battle the heat after a long hot summer day in the poor ventilation that these old buildings have. The entire time you’re out, because that is what survived the longest and those were the people who documented their lives.

In modern day (and prepare for a plethora of generalizations here), which is so comically sized that it makes him look like an undignified miniature, so you decide, so, then, you head to the milk store. You’d head over to your local grocer, you will ear some sausage and mash for supper instead of the normal cheese sandwiches and gruel that is the staple of your diet – you head down to street where most of the shops in your neighbourhood are located – got to keep the costs down if you want to save. You head over to the local grocer, one day you might to able to afford a used car that way!

It is a hot, private and more intimate setting. The lady who runs the shop has a small fan. You’re wearing somewhat dressy pants. You pick out a few potatoes. The products weren’t completely overpackaged, over marketed and over designed, so it is hard to tell if anything is moldy. You head in to the vegetable shop first to get some potatoes, when looking at how well the men of first 2/3rds of the last century came across..you pick out a few potatoes, unsure if they are all ok the poor lighting inside, buying hilariously sized products and often very juvenile looking ones. Everything smells like earth in here.

We’ve done incredible things in the last 60 years, if you were lower class in the 40s. The lighting is poor because this building does not have electricity yet, the world was just a far more dignified place with more intimate settings, and it was a long time since the lady cleaned her front window, but I can’t help feeling like we lost some truly beautiful parts of civilization along the way. Well, at least it is cheap. It is covered in dust and dried out earth from the vegetables.

Smoking is good, it kills the other smells. Life is no longer quite as bespoke as it used to be.

Whatever, said civilization. REEEEEMMMMM



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