John Prine – Live On Tour

AllMusic calls it an excellent introduction. Lies! Clearly a showcase for last two, mediocre albums. 1 from self-titled, 1 from DITR, all others from late-period albums. Songs all from different performances, so they fade out and back in every time, with no funny stories or anything. Attempt to showcase his two most recent albums, unfortunately

Picture Show – Lively performance, but meh

Quit Hollerin’ At Me – cranky old man rant, even yells “Put a sock in it” – most get off my lawn song ever ever jesus ever and it soars like it’s some meaningful statement instead of an old man (literally) yelling “Don’t make me use this thing” at the kids who are being too loud.

You Got Gold – nice, but still filled with “so hard to stand in the yard” easy rhymes and unironic schmaltzy sentiment and overlongyness.

Unwed Fathers – Boring morality statement. Bleh.

Space Monkey – unreleased song, which is nice, but nope. Just awful. Annoying melody with unnecessarily drawn out notes all over the place. Not funny, and the political sentiment (jokes about communist russia) are way outdated.

LJGB – Nice harmonica intro to a fairly nice rendition. What exactly are dime-store Jews, John? Anyway, the early superior lyricism is on display. My roommate commented “that’s much more clever than ‘space monkey'” not knowing the song’s pedigree.

Storm Windows – very quiet version of an overrated overserious song

JTMY – good song, but straight up version

HBTS – Another nice song but boring-ish rendition

Illegal Smile – by now I feel bad for the guy still singing album 1 track 1, and the drums don’t help much. He sounds way bored here.

Daddy’s Little Pumpkin – Nice song, but bar-banded up to no good effect

Lake Marie – Spirited! But eh at this point, nice to hear audience singing always, but long ending makes expendable

Extra songs – remarkably uninteresting – one’s even a piano ballad called “You Mean So Much To Me” plus I don’t want to live on tour, unless it’s an alternative to dying on tour, though that’d be one wrenching album.



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