John Prine – John Prine Live

Well who ELSE would be live on this page???

I’ve long considered live albums to be an old timey rock contracts’ smelly asshole, but this is about as nice as you could hope, in that it captures a show that one really really wishes they could have been at. Japers gives the crowd exactly what sad fanpeople everywhere want: an emotional, serious show played just mostly on unadorned acoustic guitar, going through, generally, the classics.

Hey, it’s all very nice. If someone of this talent played a bar show it’d be the greatest bar show ever. And Jim sounds both thrilled to be playing a nice show and tells a few mildly funny stories to go with his amusing songs, and the interaction on “Illegal Smile” is enough to make a grown man feel cuddly.

Here’s a porn email I received today:

“greetings in bad ass SPY PLANET! Webcam filmed during the masturbotin session?

So tell me, porn addict, in which website should I put this video?


….Yes, who doesn’t love a good “masturbotin session?” And why is she asking me if that was when the Webcam episode was filmed? Shouldn’t she know? And why in all gods’ Earth would she think I’d suggest that she post her porn video on Metacafe, a distant, forgotten web video YouTube roadkill? And “bad ass SPY PLANET!” is too absurd to dissect.

Thats a’more! This is mostly recorded at one show, except for when the sound abruptly fades out and then he’s suddenly playing with a band for one song, but that only happens a couple times. It’s comforting to know that John’s a performer – not an “artist” – even though he is most certainly an artist. He’s not afraid to give audiences what they want, even if he knows his most accomplished songs are behind him. He plays six songs from the debut and four or five from “Sweet Revenge” and “Bruised Orange,” and exactly one from each other album. And gosh darn it he works dat crowd, staying clever and playing coy, like he’s playing a show instead of performing. All that makes this a lovely little live album. Not a necessary document, but if you want a little more Prine to love and don’t want to find out that he’s some Lou Reed dipshit then this a place and a way to turn. He’s a talented man, even if the studio output tends to be as disappointing as discovering that some chick you’ve been chasing has had three kids and her vagina is so blown up and stretched out that it could give pleasure to no man. So if you’re walking down the street someday, and grab some hollow, ancient ass, please don’t just walk away and stare, as if you didn’t care, fish around in there-o.



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