Stars – Dead Child Stars EP

Not a substantial release because this is a tour-only EP but I have it now thanks to the magic of the interwebs so fuck you Starry Starry night.

I didn’t mean that. Torquil Campbell is a sensitive soul. He feels things, people, and places. You know that Modest Mouse song? That’s his favourite Modest Mouse song, including all the unreleased ones that are actually Beatles songs. He’s sensitive and he feels deeply about things like Montreal and snow and hills and walks and sweet lies. So precious, it’s like Liberty Village! But this is just a widdle EP, and fully half the songs aren’t terrible, so that’s nice.

This EP contains things in its many zillions of bytes. For example:

– A silly forgettable flamenco song thing!

– A silly club song for all the “Keds” to dance to!

– A radio edit of a nice song from the forthcoming album!

– A generally acceptable little rock (!) song with real instruments and silly lyrics about God!

– Bulleted lists with exclamation points!

So it’s not too bad, but nothing irreplaceable. I’m feeling harsh; so go Elmer in your own Fudd if’n you know what I mean.





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