Stars – A Lot of Little Lies For the Sake of One Big Truth

They are Stars from Montreal!

Music for lonely students.

And lonely graduates.

More on that later.

This is just a debut EP.

This is keyboard-led elegaic pop.

Not much more.

There’s two of them.

And a drum machine.

They took drama in school.

It sounds like it.

Every song is about couples.

Couples couples relationships couples.

If they aren’t.

They sound like they are.

So it is.

A single that shouldn’t be.

A competent cover.

A too-dancey demo.

Two live tracks.

One has Leslie Feist from Metric.

She sounds mellifluous.

Like birdsong.

They’re rather simple. Like filler Feist tracks.

A true B-side that namechecks the band.

Nothing great. Much niceness.

Fifty seconds of silence.

Then the sounds of Jesus shitting.

A shitting Jesus.

The one thing Stars always wanted.

A shitting Jesus.



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