Manic Street Preachers – You Stole the Sun From My Heart (Australian)

“What’s the point in an education / When you have to pay for the privilege?”

Because we can’t all be members of a successful rock band, Nicky. I think that the costs of education are far too high, particularly in the United States, which is not my country, and I would like the government to do more to encourage citizens to firstly seek knowledge of themselves and the world for the joy of knowledge and secondly become skilled so that our countries can prosper when the inevitable gestalt collapse of the manufacturing sector comes. I went to university because I was lucky enough not to have to drop out of school and work, though I would have had to had my mother not died and left me with a quarter of a house worth of money. Not everyone is so “lucky.” University is more than government indoctrination, and the idea that all fields from physics to accounting to gender studies are similarly useless because they cost money. That’s an absurd and simplistic way of viewing learning.

Let me expand for a second on knowledge and university: knowledge is truth. Knowledge is neither beauty nor ugliness – it’s the ability to distinguish between the two. Yes, it’d be nice if we had the chance to learn for ourselves one and all from Foucault to Dawkins and back again, but people working full time jobs don’t have that opportunity. Learning is a muscle, and education forces us to use that muscle where otherwise we might spend our time only watching Jersey Shore and learning how to flirt for tips. Or, in a world free of paid education – learning only our trade so that we can work and work until we die, like in guild times. And that was a sweaty ballsack. What’s the point of education? Really? You don’t see the point in learning the value of peer review? I get forwarded emails about the one world order to this day from family members who never learned the difficulty of proving truth. From education. And yeah, sucks that it costs money. But guess what? Lecture halls and professor salaries and central animal labs don’t pay for themselves. Yes, I think too much of the cost in North America is defrayed onto the teenagers who need it and who I feel will repay society in taxes and wisdom tenfold over their lives but fuck, denigrate the whole thing because the system is flawed? Why would you feel that way, Nick?

“This is a socialist serenade / Yes I have money but I hate champagne”

Oh. Can I have some of that money, friendly socialist? No? Fuck you, then. People can’t just learn to be rock stars who dislike education. And you’re a bassist/lyricist, buddy. That’s not special. You wouldn’t be as famous if it weren’t for a certain so and so. Nice job re-releasing an old single (“Australia”) in Australia in a blatant attempt to sell extra copies of your single. Your admittedly cute borderline love-song single with the big chorus. Also, that old single is better than anything on your last album (except IYTTYCWBN). Hey Manics, your looming irrelevance is showing. Also, nice job playing a nearly note-for-note cover of a Clash song. Woo, originality! And nice job getting another artist to remix your single into a proto-dubstep (nicely ambient) snoozefest. Really demonstrated your talent there. You’re making me into a damned conversative.



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