Manic Street Preachers – You Love Us

Oh god I’m irrelevant! Nobody cares what I have to say! That is an awful, torturous thing to live with. But MSP were living with the same, only they were busy releasing records. And the sad part is, they wanted wanted wanted so bad bad bad not to be irrelevant. God they wanted to matter. You can hear it screaming through every chorus, played in every grandiose guitar riff. Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck!

“You Love Us” is a shout at relevancy. Cocky and funny, am I right? Okay, it’s silly, but it’s still lovable to hear these kids describing first how annoying they are, they declaring “you love us” over and over. It’s a nice counterpoint to the assumptions of the grunge kids. Not free from self-loating, but free from assuming the hatred of those awful adults. It’s cute. Really, it is cute. Don’t argue with me.

The B-sides…eh. “A Vision of Dead Desire” musically wants to be “Clash City Rockers” and features a chorus of shrieking “a vision of dead desire!!!!” If I haven’t mentioned yet, a major early MSP problem is that the lyricist (Richey Edwards) had little artistic connection with the man (James Dean Bradfield) who wrote the melodies. So a) JDB is pretty damned impressive, and b) impressive as he is, he sometimes can’t quite fit the lyrics into the line, and has to find a wacky way to try and do so. Try it with your friends for maximum lulz!

“We Her Majesty’s Prisoners” is next, and it’s a boring song, musically. And lyrically, I’m sure living under a monarchy is balls (one with a royal castle in the centre of your capital), but “ceremony rape machine”? Seems a bit much. Things close with a great cover of Guns ‘N’ Roses’ “It’s So Easy” – dudes knew their influences, at least. Really banged it out on this one. I’ll say this: they were way the fuck better than G’N’R, a band with all the fluff but none of the self-awareness. These guys were self-aware but also self-loathing but also ridiculous. Interesting combination, slightly above average single.



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