Manic Street Preachers – The Everlasting (CD Two)

Ho ho hold the fucking presses, it’s a remix single! So you get to sit through to the damned “The Everlasting” again, and it’s quite the sitting through. Six minutes of swelling strings, one drum beat every five seconds, just so you can hear the one good line again. Every time I hear “the world is full of refugees / They’re just like you and just like me” and try to square it with the band’s usual stance as leftist guitar slingers I get confused and sad. And I kinda like it ever time I hear it for the first time in a year, so maybe stick to that schedule and you’ll be fine, but hear it five times in a week and you realize you spend half an hour of your life on “The Everlasting” and oh.

Then the remixes of “The Everlasting”! Yaaaayyy! What did I just tell you about the fucking presses? Then, lucky single-owner that you most certainly are, you get two stupid remakes (the remixing is mostly just the vocals). “Deadly Avenger’s Psalm 315” adds a drum beat and chops up the vocals a bit, while “Stealth Sonic Orchestra Remix” basically makes the song a theremin solo. Imagine me saying that while making theremin-playing gestures. Nobody cares, these guys are England and who gives a shit, no?



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