Manic Street Preachers – The Everlasting (CD One)

The Manics were already fresh out of good B-sides, so here come the failed experiments. “The Everlasting” may be the most completely realized song of the entire TIMTTMY album and I still don’t like it at all, aside from the cute line “in the beginning / when we were winning”. It’s so bulky and self-important and slow and everlasting (get it?) that I don’t see anyone ever wanting to hear it in their spare time. Just a “yep, the Manics sounded like this for a couple years there” and on with whatever more important song you’re listening to. I hate the stupid ping-pong noise it starts and ends with and the pretension is a cancer forever.

Then the B-sides! They both sound more like “Everything Must Go” outtakes. “Black Holes for the Young” is almost a passable rock song, but it’s led by an annoying failure of a boss-music downscale of a keyboard riff, and stays in mid-tempo-meh-land for too long. “Valley Boy” also has a very simple riff, but mostly suffers for being overly long and bereft of musical or vocal hooks. Maybe better than being memorably failed like BHFTY, and still better than a lot of the album, but not something I need to hear in my spare time.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I was just at an unveiling, and that following a nine-hour girlfriend’s family gauntlet yesterday. God I hate family things. They’re mostly sadness, small talk, and simmering bitterness. I mean, I like going to ball games with my dad, but funerals and such made me so very very tired.



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