Manic Street Preachers – She is Suffering (CD One)

Here’s a fun joke:

Q: What do you call the worst song from a great album, one that’s melodramatic, relies on the worst parts of its bands body politic, and is only saved from awfulness by overwhelming negativity, not that that’s enough to save it? A song that calls the concept of beauty “she” and doesn’t justify that poetic deceit with anything other than oblique references to souls and shit? A song that has three B-sides on this, the first of its singles, one a tepid acoustic number about destructive love (yawn) and the other two fun live covers that show an enjoyable side of the band not often seen but aren’t anything other than talented curios? A song with a surprising amount of generic verse-chorus -yness, not that that’s necessarily bad but doesn’t suit the uberpretension of the subject matter? A song that doesn’t articulate everything about doomed guitarist slash lyricist Richey but hints at what you might get if you buy the damned album that has eleven better songs on it? A song that, if you listen to it enough, will give you fifty bucks? A song that’s present on this single in 7″ Radio Edit form, which basically means a shorter intro and no music between chorus and next verse? What song? What song? What song?

A: “She Is Suffering”!




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