Manic Street Preachers – Ocean Spray (CD Two)

Oh god, it’s remix single time again. I just hope it’s over quickly. Okay. First of all, “Ocean Spray” is either an advertisement for that brand or a kickin-rad tune about surfing the waves, man, so right there whatever.

Just kidding! It’s actually about drinking cranberry juice with his mom (lead singer wrote the lyrics for the first time! Aww!) while she was dying of cancer (…aww?). As a resident dead-mother specialist, it’s pretty gulp. It’s a pretty tune, too. Lyrically simple, melodically memorable, and possessed of a nice horn solo (I’m not going to try to identify horns right now) that’s perfectly passable because it’s mournful instead of mocking.

Also in this single is a live version from Havana. First of all, Havana, like banana, needs an umlaut over that last ‘n’ to give it a more amusing sound. Second and third, it turns the sound electric but doesn’t meaningfully change it. The video’s on here as well, and it only serves to be a bit painful watching JDB sing about his own mom dying. As for playing in Havana, Fidel’s a fuck, but the folks in Havana should get to see rock music too, and the States’ boycott has reached absurd levels given that dealing with far worse countries is permitted.

The remixes are awful. Or offal, if you want to get animalistic. “Medicine Remix” is a 6:31 long “club style” drum-beatized fuckit mostly using the Japanese intro that will never get played in a club ever, and the “Kinobe Remix” is an inoffensive and completely forgettable soft Mogwai-esque version that sounds like Enigma with awkwardly placed vocals. There’s no good reason to listen to any of this, and I’m going to stop doing so right now. Buy the album. Ignore this release.



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