Manic Street Preachers – New Art Riot

Actually released before anything else of theirs that I have (I’ll figure out WordPress someday – it’s only been a year so far! Not pathetic!), back in 1990. In those olden days when I was five the Manics were trying to be The Clash. Soon they’d try to be G’N’R, but this is much better.

Much to my not chagrin, they kinda penis nailed it with this here EP. Four short rock songs, and they all sound quite nicely like outtakes from The Clash’s first album. This is the Manics as a young, hungry rock band. A band that put out press released condemning “the baggy loose attitude of scum fuck retard zerodom of Madchester” (zing) and weren’t afraid to write rock songs with the rhythm pushed ahead in the mix and damn how loud the vocals are. Which was for the best given how weird and girly JDB sounds on “New Art Riot.” None of these songs are world changers but they’re all fun funblasts of youthful anger and energy with little sign of the lovable sycophants the Manics would one day become. That even though they would so quickly become afraid of the vicissitudes of music making and chase success for most of their lives, one time long ago they didn’t afraid of anything and made an irritated racket. This little EP isn’t a world-breaker, but it’s five shades of black on a rainy day, and I dig it.



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