Manic Street Preachers – La Tristesse Durera (Scream to a Sigh)

Hey, it’s an expensive Japanese 6-song EP because I’m a loser. Here are my notes:

– Doesn’t he pronounce “Tristesse” wrong

– No piano coda, but fade out is only okay

– Glancing shots at America. 1993-era USA not really the era of Patrick Bateman

– Good guitar tone, but goes on and on and JBD pronounces “Bateman” funny, and approaches the subject in a hamfisted way – yes, you described some things about him, now what?

“I fucked god up the ass

– Funny picture of Richey looking like a peasant woman on the back

– Awesome cover of WMN, hard to argue with anything here. Concise, spot-on, huh, being political is kinda neat, huh?

– “Slash ‘N’ Burn’ sounds better live than on record. JBD’s yelling is better w/o studio effects. Drums sound a little less silly. Speeding everything up a bit helps too.

– “Repeat” live sounds pretty good too, though the studio version wasn’t as in need of saving. I’m no fan of the monarchy and I fully support “Repeat after me: fuck queen and country!” and even “Repeat after me: imitation demigods”, but “white Khmer Rouge” and “death camp palace” are a bit too far for silly, expensive figureheads. Also, when exactly is there space for repeating after him? The song’s structure doesn’t make it obvious when said repeating is meant to occur. Eh, they play through it anyway.

– Last is the original version of Tennessee, recorded at the obviously fake location of “Cwmfel linfach” as their first B-side (of the wonderful “Suicide Alley”). It’s on the first album too, but this version is way cooler and more lo-fi, and goes to show what they could muster so long ago, and why people thought they were so special way back before they released unsuccessful albums.



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