Manic Street Preachers – Everything Must Go (CD Two)

Remember what I said? Here’s a brief description of the new porn I have kept in the last week:

– A pretty normal blowjob by a girl with multicoloured hair – this is a common thing of mine.

–  facial where the girl at least acts like it’s her first and she asks for a towel

– A facial that’s nothing too special but the girl is super cute. This one is borderline.

– some fast amateur doggy style

– some amateur really hard missionary sex

– A full length redhead amateur giving a blowjob.

– A clip of an asian girl with a really nice ass fucking doggy style.

– An old pro clip of a girl with really big eyes and lips getting a facial and loving it.

– A facial from bangbus where the blonde girl flinches and shifts back and forth afterwards.

– An amateur-looking skanky girl with black hair getting a huge facial from a guy I’ve seen in similar clips before (the best being one with a multi-coloured-hair girl coughing and gagging from a couple angles)

– An adorable blonde girl looking moderately pleased with a guy cumming about a foot onto her face.

– A very cute blonde amateur getting a facial, the best part being a first shot into her eye.

– A blonde pro getting a huge, watery facial. She handles it decently.

– An amateur blonde getting hit with “rockets” and handling it okay.

– A cute blonde whimpering and recoiling from a facial, from three different angles

– “Amateur style” brunette getting a nice facial from three angles

– An amateur brunette getting a nice facial and sucking him after. She loves it.

– A pro brunette getting a sticky facial. The guy really wants to give it to her. She likes it.

– An amateur brunette getting a quick facial and looking like she dislikes it.

– An amateur brunette giving head until he cums in her mouth. I mostly like this one because he holds her head down while he cums, and she runs to the bathroom to spit afterwards.

– A moderately attractive but camera and cum shy amateur blonde getting a facial.

– A blowjob clip from Cammie Fox, who I downloaded a bunch of because a guy on Reddit knew her as a kid and was sad to find she was in porn.

– Cammie Fox again, this time a full half-hour video. It’s from “Reality Kings” – so even though she’s a pro I want it to look amateur.

– A too-short, nice-looking clip of a pro named Celeste jerking a guy onto her tongue.

– A cute amateur with big front teeth giggling at getting a facial. I have a thing for giggling.

– An amateur-style Danish girl who hates getting it on her face. Seen her before.

– An amateur two-minute of a girl and guy having sex doggy style, with her facing the camera. It’s not English, but she looks like she’s struggling a bit and calling for him to cum. At the end the guy flashes a demeaning peace sign at the camera.

– A silent (sadly) amateur clip of a girl hating getting a facial and making faces while it happens.

– A clip of a couple having rough doggy style sex, and (best part) at the end he roughly throws her off him.

– From amateur-style site Evil Angel, a clip of a blonde girl with long lashes giving a little head and getting a facial.

– Another short Evil Angel clip of a girl getting a weak facial, I mostly keep it because she looks about 18.

– An “exploited college girls” clip of a girl who looks like a hipster. Sex, though sadly unfinished.

– Another ECG clip, this time of girl getting a lovely facial from a few angles. She looks very shy about it.

– A “Euro” clip of a black-haired girl, after a minute, getting a facial and looking displeased.

– A full clip of Asian pro Evelyn Lin looking as schoolgirlish as possible and doing your usual porn stuff.

– Asian Evelyn Lin again, this time with a really dominant guy who fucks her hard and fast. She scrunches up her face a bit, though she probably loves it.

– A pro-am girl with black hair and eye makeup and a gap in her teeth gets a thick facial in her hair and half her face. She stays totally silent.

– A GDP blonde girl is a good sport about getting a supreme facial.

– Aforementioned “harsh” clip from Brazzers, another pro-am (though more Pro) site. Guy must’ve been in a bad mood. She’s getting fucked from behind a it, then the guy practically rips her hair on to bring her to her knees. The facial isn’t killer, but, still holding her, the guy uses his cock to play with the cum on her face and the girl obviously looks like she wants to be somewhere else. This pushes what I like a bit but…I still like.

– Some minor celebrity’s hot wife fucks a bald guy with a big dick in a hotel room. I have this one because she’s hot, the sex is hot, and because it’s a real home video. Got this one from Reddit too.

– A blurry cam girl getting a facial, looking a bit disgusted and spitting it out. Not sure what makes it so great, but something about the way she spits is ridiculously arousing.

– Pro Manuel Ferrera gives a redhead a great facial. For a change I like this one for afterwards best – she sucks more and his cock fills her whole mouth in a lovely way.

– An amateur girl on her back gets a bigger facial than she expected and spits it out.

– A weird one that’s not actually too arousing of a girl getting a facial and acting mortified. I think it’s just acting. But she’s not overly hot and the lighting is bad. But I keep it because I had it when I was like 17.

– A silent threesome from a dorm room. Looks legit, so yay.

– An impressive facial from GDP, though their clips are often annoyingly clipped.

– A facial from another pro-am site that I like because the girl is beautiful and because she makes a nauseated expression for half a second while he’s going.

– A girl on her back who doesn’t seem to like it, but as the tumblr said “his cock doesn’t care.”

– A Peter North facial where the girl wants to protect her hair. He gets it all in her hair, of course, and all over her face. Minus points for being a total professional.

– A Preston Parker facial (he’s a pro-am site regular who shoots big, watery cumshots and has an annoying boyish voice that sounds creepy with his dirty talk) on a cute, toothy blonde on her knees. Afterwards she puts her hands on her hips and giggles and I like those very much, though minus points for Preston.

– A compilation of four Preston facials. None truly classic, but all quite good.

– An amateur girl first giving head a bit then getting face-fucked a bit. It’s funny because she shoves him away a couple times if he tries to get rough. Then he cums pretty solidly on her face, and she isn’t ready for how much there is. She says a little “oh” in the middle of it that’s cute.

– A redhead amateur that gets a splashy facial in her (closed) eyes and on her face, and giggles.

– A redhead amateur (at least -ish) about my age that loves getting a big facial.

– A super-hot pro-am named Riley Reid having sex – I need to find more of her. The clip is unfinished, it’s mostly here to remind me to someday find the whole thing, or better.

– Another obvious amateur that hates it (facial), and turns her face sideways to avoid the last of it. Shaky cam, but not enough to ruin it.

– A hot pro clip of a guy really throwing cum into a girl’s mouth (well not really, but obviously trying to get it on her face), she pushes it out of her mouth and it looks lovely on her lips and chin.

– A super slutty looking girl gets a big facial. One shot gets on her eye and she spit up the stuff from her mouth. She still likes it after. Pro-am, I figure.

– A black-haired amateur on her back that’s not prepared for the ferocity of the facial. Half of it misses her and still spits and sputters “so much” in the middle.

– A GDP clip of the guy fucking a girl standing up while she’s on her back on a bed. Her breasts are bouncing a lot and he’s really giving it to her.

– The facial from the above clip. Not a great facial, but the girl looks meh about the whole thing and I need to see the whole thing at least once.

– A hot brunette amateur giving a really sensual blowjob for about 90 seconds. She seems kind of in love. Not my usual, but it’s a nice combination of aww and hotness.

– A hot blonde from some pro site gets a big facial and gags a bit on swallowing a lot of it.

– Preston Parker giving a facial a girl with purple hair and tattoos. She looks like she’s trying to protect her ears for some reason.

– Some blonde gets a sticky facial that drips off her chin. Her reaction is hard to gauge.

– A blonde ECG girl gets a big facial mostly in her mouth and swallows, from three angles.

– An amateur with black hair gets her head held down while giving head. She handles it. Weak facial.

– A low vid-quality amateur facial mostly notable for how much there is and how strongly she closes her mouth.

– A girl named Jayme Langford getting a big facial from the side.

– An amateur giggles as a she gets a facial that hits her teeth hard. Not sure why that’s hot, but there you go.

– A brunette pro-am gets a big facial (in her hair too) as she kneels on a towel.

– Another ECG blonde gets a big facial and recoils, from three angles.

– A possible amateur girl gives head for five minutes, then gags a bit when the guy cums in her mouth. He keeps going. Not the greatest facial ever, but still woo.

There you have it! 76 videos, almost all of them short! As you can tell, most of them are facials. A lot of them are genuine amateurs, but fake-amateur sites using girls that don’t look like porn stars are good too. The most common hair colour is blonde, though I figure that’s more due to availability in the Los Angeles area than my preference. Only one non m/f video, likely because real amateur threesomes are hard to come by in this wonderful world. Someday I will find a way to interpret this information.

Also, another remix single. Nah.


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