Pearl Jam – Wishlist

Thanks for curtailing my night of Pearl Jam reviews you sumbitch! I’ll see you in the morning or even later! I’ll sell your outdated ass on EBAY. You heard me. Not even craigslist, you shitbag.

But since you worked for now. “Wishlist” is real nice, though it fades out too quickly. You can’t just include a lyrics sheet then fade out before the lyrics done but those album but no different so same. “U” pisses me off with stupid title – no try be current shit – but okay whatever nice song, “Brain of J” Live stupid live is stupid nobody cares get UUUUUU on compilation no? Yes. Apparently it’s a different mix, but look I’m a drunky dunk and I don’t have occasion to compare. I don’t even have a CD player! I have to wait for computer loady everything. No want wait.

Look, I know that tonight I didn’t exactly get to the bottom of life and death and love and law, but not all nights are brill, you know? Many more PJ records to go, but that’s all fernow. Hey. HEY. Hey I got a wishlist for ya: a smoke and then sleep. Eh. EH?



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