Pearl Jam – Oceans

Backed with 3 album songs live at Pinkpop ’92! Aw, you gotta be shittin me. Look, Veddie could belt it out back then, and then band sounds in top form, but really guys, really? I need this like I need a thing that I don’t actually need. Still it’s the earliest live songs that you can find, and PJs rockin’ generally degraded as they aged so…there’s that?

Plus “Oceans” is not single-worthy. At all. And “Alive” will never be as majestic live as in its studio incarnation. The believability of the rockin’ totally depends on every note being perfect.

Say! Since I just finished working on a rigorous political campaign (60% of the vote, motherfuckers), I’m currently the fuck unemployed. I’m 27, whitemalemiddleclass, and of average physical beauty. It’s 6 PM, I’ve got half a 40 of Bushmills, some Super Nintendo RPGs, and a stack of unreviewed Pearl Jam CDs. Let’s do this.



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