Pearl Jam – Nothing As It Seems

I’m often torn on whether to put lead singles before or after albums, but since this one explicitly says “TAKEN FROM THE FORTHCOMING EPIC RELEASE BINAURAL” I can be pretty Jew sure that it is a harbinger of said album. The next two tracks I can be reasonable sure are from the “Bridge School Benefit 1999” so that explains that. But have no fear, curiously fearful readers! These aren’t normal shitty live versions! I’ll explain when I’m older.

The single: “Nothing As It Seems” announces quickly that there will be no real singles from Binaural, and while that’s a problem for the album, it’s fine for now. NAIS is a solid song, even if it comes across like a super serious Traveling Wilburys song and I don’t know what it’s about. It’s SERIOUS MUSIC. It sure as hell ain’t about something angsty and may even be about ‘tardation, but I’m too lazy to get all on this one tonight. Just believe me that it’s a very nice slow song CHRIST NINE LIVES with a chorus that sticks in your head. Also, the release of this song marks the end of Pearl Jam as a contemporary commercial force – this isn’t a single, this is a hidden highlight, released because there’s nothing immediately viable to be found. Fine for me, but take it as the end of a furnace that it’s.

The others are taken from an all-acoustic show. One is “Better Man,” a great song not particularly hurt or hindered by the presentation, and the other is the only official release that I know of of “Footsteps,” the long-lost third song on Pearl Jam’s first ever demo (the other two were “Alive” and “Once”). It’s real nice with the acoustic treatment. Eddie’s calm, grey-haired performance makes the potentially melodramatic lyrics gain a huge dose of pathos. It now sounds like it’s a father singing to a lost son, or something! Plus, there’s a solid riff, like old memory, and it carries quite nicely acoustically. A winner, and a treat to fans to boot.

Plus it’s a limited edition. I have #18663! Also it’s mixed by Tchad Blake, while makes me think I should write my friend Chad’s name as Tchad over and over until he notices. Funny guy over here! But that sense of humour combined with my startling good looks are why the ladies love the Myles so damned hard. And while I’m being great, I think an awesome idea would be a series of body acceptance books about the most disgusting parts of our body. Who wouldn’t want to rock their child to sleep to the dulcet prose of “Mommy’s Smelly Asshole”?



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