Pearl Jam – Merkinball

Hey, I thought this wasn’t for me?!?!?!

Another TOOOOOOWWOOOO songs! At least this time neither are on an album. Apparently this is an accompaniment to Neil Young’s “Mirrorball” but I doubt it, since I haven’t bought that album, and I’ll decide what EPs belong to what album, okay? Okay.

Neil Young plays on these songs, I reckon, unless the album art is lying, and that’s nice, as he’s a very talented man. These are good songs, but they’re “deep” songs – hard to penetrate, like a stone virgin. “I Got Id” is the slightly more accessible of the two, and likely the better, as “Long Road” is a bit too obvy in its depiction of the title image. Muddy rock numbers, basically. “Long Road” might have a hurdy-gurdy, which is fantasmic, but it’s not that useful unless I’m literally walking down a long road thinking about stuff. And that’s a shame – something called “Long Road” should be applicable whenever I god damn want it to HEY YOU! SHUT UP! …..;;;;;

You know, I think it’s nice that Eddie Vedder found a little Neil Young friend. Even if their music babies aren’t as lovely as I’d like, it’s charming to see people getting along in real time. Or past time. I SAID SHUT UP.

And I also want to know what happened to those pictures…



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