Pearl Jam – Given To Fly

Look, man, I don’t have much time. There are two album tracks here, “Given to Fly” and “Pilate.” I get it that the former is the single, and it’s a lovely single, but why, why “Pilate”? To stir anticipation for the album or something. Anyway, I’ve always had an affection for stupid “Pilate” and it’s shouted chorus with its talked verse. Hehe, what are they talkin about “obeys, listens, kisses, loves”? Oh well. Heh heh heh. Hrup hrup hrup! But the single is pretty majestic and soaring – a little Gabriel Garcia Marquez story for your amusement.

The wild card is “Leatherman”, a song so non-album it isn’t even on the B-sides compilation. Not sure why, it’s a decent song, driving and briefly telling the story of, well, a man who wears leather man, and how the people around him see him and suspect him yet view him as a man of the land. I don’t know. Pretty good, but over too quickly. I still don’t know why they didn’t spare the two and a half minutes on the compilation that had the space though – HEY! If you’re a band putting together a B-sides compilation or whatnot: if you want to reward your fans then be compre-fucking-hensive! If your real fans feel like they still have to buy expensive shit you aren’t doing them too much of a favour! I kinda like “Leatherman.”

I dunno, I like all three songs, but there’s less than three minutes of original content here. And how to score the bonus for a song not being available anywhere else? Life is truly a tragedy that love you longtime.



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