Pearl Jam – Daughter

Let’s get through this one so that I can drink some more in peace. Here we have a classic kinda single, from the era when bands were rapidly losing givesashitness about singles.

We’ve got tree songs – first is the album version of “Daughter” – the classic tale of the damage taken by breakfast furniture inside abusive households (also: he cares about wimmin! awww! this would continue!). Then —- wait for it —-











Two live songs!!!!

You’ve got “Blood” – competently performed, but who cares about this yelly branch of the meh tree? Then “Yellow Ledbetter” – a B-side (from a single I don’t have) so good it makes “Bustin’ + Dronin'” look like “Dirty Frank”. And it’s good, don’t misunderstand my smelly asshole, but there are better versions of it – like the actual one! – to find. At least it’s proof they do it live.

Anyway, good performances, but you need this single like a bicycle needs a woman to ride it, like a Polish holocaust survivor needs kohlrabi, like Glass-Steagall needed a repeal, like rice needs rice wine, like Armenia needs another genocide, like Snooki needs a baby, like twelve unhappy basketball superstars need a dozen Procrustes’, like an otherwise healthy bald woman needs a liver transplant, like this needs another this, like Canada needs their awful cyst of a Conservative party to slowly erode everything good within its capacious borders, like I need this right now you fucking bitch!,  like this review needs this paragraph to continue, like a nippity needs a nappity nap nap nappity – and that’s all



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