Pearl Jam – Even Flow

Seventeen year-old Myles had some pretty stupid ideas, but one of the silliest was that I needed to spend my telemarketing money on an array of CD singles. Why did I do it? It wasn’t as though I didn’t have and use pirating software like Napster. Maybe a remnant of my baseball card collecting youth? A need for a sense of completion? Certainly there were some hidden gems that I could rarely find on the old ol’ Nappy, but it wasn’t like I couldn’t see the tracklists to avoid CDs filled with live tracks or whatever – they were right on the back. But I used to make lists, by artist, of all their songs, and where I could find them, and when to buy imports, and blah blah. This included stupid remixes and live songs. Not worth half an hour of cold-calling for TaraNova Travel!


“Even Flow”, aside from already being on the album, is not that strong of a single. It has a nice drive, an “even flow” if you will, and I think its about a homeless guy, which is nice, but it lacks the hooks that drive the better Ten singles.


So you’d hardly notice it was over if the next song wasn’t the silly six minutes of “Dirty Frank”, which is…Pearl Jam trying to do a funk jam and make Shaft references. Not good, guys. Then “Oceans (Remix)” which makes the vocals of this little song clearer and the drums poppier at the expense of the guitar, which is good because the guitars were too encompassing in the original. But “Oceans” was never a song that needed a second listen, much less a whole other mix. Yes, yes, the waves are the emotions you feel because you’re a teenager. Dad yelled at you and Eddie’s falsetto identifies. Beats the hell out of raging but come on, there isn’t a riff or anything. Oh well, at least they didn’t make it a single.

4 / 10


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