Steve Earle – Sidetracks

But first, another non-album track collection! Side Traxxx is, Steve insists, not a collection of “outtakes” because only two of these songs technically were, an outtake being a song recorded for an album but not used. Okay, fine, the only outtakes here are the two instrumentals, but that doesn’t mean the rest are actually good songs. I don’t know the origin of these songs – movie soundtracks and charity compilations mostly, but there’s no great lost gem to be found here; no jewel along the lines of “She Belongs To Me” hiding.

I will say, though, that I love Steve for releasing three albums of non-album material (originally) where most musicians only release one, and then long after the demise of the band. It shows a good deal of respect for fans, in my opinion. And who doesn’t like a good respectin’, right?

So what’s here? Well, two ill-adivsed covers (Nirvana’s “Breed” and even worse Bob Dylan “My Back Pages” played straight and redone on electric with whine-o-voice respectively), for starters. There’s a bad reggae song where Steve affects a Jamaican accent like Sting, never a good idea. There’s a bunch of throwaways that would be filler on any album, then there are the two aforementioned instrumentals, which are nice, and then there’s a solid acoustic song, anti-death-penalty song number three and one other good one, and a little more bluegrass. So it’s fine and whatever, anyway, guess what I’m having for lunch tomorrow? The same thing I had for dinner tonight: lettuce soup. Boring, bland, stupid lettuce soup. And I can cook, but fuck it, I don’t deserve any better and I know it. I’m fucking annoying. I say stupid, embarrassing things and I’m working on exhausting all the ways I can be a disappointment to my girlfriend. It’s Sunday and I’m consciously avoiding drinking, taking a night off once per month as I do. Been unemployed for eight months now! Guess I’ll masturbate for the second time tonight. I’ll probably do it at least once more before the end of the night.

BOY THAT WAS FUN. Now I guess it’s back to what I’ve been doing since I told a rather pissed-off girlfriend of mine to leave six hours ago – playing original Nintendo games. With walkthroughs. Boy howdy.

Yes, Myles’ review of Steve Earle’s “Sidetracks” is a great fun for all. Order it now on DVD and relive all your favorite parts, such as “BOY THAT WAS FUN,” “Boring bland, stupid lettuce soup” and of course, “then there are the two aforementioned instrumentals.” Yes, Myles’ review of “Sidetracks” is fun for the whole family, so why not invite your entire racial group to read it? First hit’s free (on my website). Hey I never called my friend back. Fuck, fuck, fuck.



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