Death Cab For Cutie – You Can Play These Songs With Chords

Death Cab For Cutie sometimes gets too preoccupied with trying to sound “manly” and “tough”, but for the most part they make enjoyably pumped-up rockers about beer, pussy, and living life in the moment.  Let’s hope they keep on partying!

An album of demos, and it shows (hears?), but at least it lets us be sure that before they settled on making slow, beautifully melodic songs, like punk (“That’s Incentive”), disco (“Tomorrow”), scarily bad Smiths covers (“This Charming Man” where they GET SOME OF THE WORDS WRONG.  HOW???), and vocal sampling tracks (“Flustered/Hey Tomcat!”).  They’re really bad at these other styles, but at least they tried!

The other two thirds of the cedille (18 tracks in all, it is;  get your money’s worth as long as you paid, like, 7 dollars) are rehearsals for when they would start making real albums and not just try to impress underground record companies (and later, be on the OC).  A few of them are really beautiful and sad yet still catchy (“President Of What?”, “Hindsight” and sometimes “TV Trays”), and the rest just kinda float on alright.  18 songs, so it’s tough to wade through, but it’s all at least interesting, and what more could you want, beside a blowjob in a kiddie pool?



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