Death Cab For Cutie – The Photo Album

Best they’ve done.  Things are going on lively things.  Catchy riffs on drum or guitar abound, but they’re not above the ol’ reminisce on the porch with a girl like in “Steadier Footing”.  A couple weaker moments in the chorus of “A Movie Script Ending” and around the end of the album but that shit happens yo and it’s soooo good.  “I Was A Kaleidoscope” is one of the best songs ever, “We Laugh Indoors” is pretty fucking catchy, and the anti-LA song “Why You’d Want To Live Here”, along with “Blacking Out The Friction” (but especially the former) have the first really good electric guitar riffs the Cab of Death have come up with.

It’s late at night and I could squint my eyes in shame for the indiscrections of recency where has my ability to create fiction gone?  Here, let me paste something I wrote two years ago that used only one-syllable words:



Since Pete was just a young boy, he had dreamed of the day when he would be nice to look at.  But the world was not so kind to him, and so he was forced to live a sad life.  He was forced to give up his wish that he would be a star, since no one likes a star thatís tough to look at.  He had few friends all through his youth, for his mates in class would all laugh at him and put him down all the time.  Not once did he talk to a girl, for his poor looks had left him a teen who shed tears and could not bring his mouth to say a word due to the fact that he was shy.

Pete found a bridge he liked to stare over when he was six, and through all the days of when he was young, he went there most days. One day, when Pete was ten, he went to his bridge and found a new boy there. This was Dan, who had but one leg and so felt left out as well.  Pete and Dan got to be close friends fast, and stayed that way for two more years.

Pete’s dad, though, was the main guy who gave Pete a hard time.  He had had the urge to have a kid at a time when he thought his kid would look good, so he did not like Pete at all when Pete came out poor in looks.  So, Peteís dad cast Pete out of his house when Pete was but twelve, and Peteís mom was off at the store to get Pete a nice mask so that Pete would not have to show his face.  Peteís Dad told Pete to get in the car, then drove him to the town of Brock, where he kicked Pete out.

Pete, sad, walked to a used car lot, when he sat down and cried.  The guy who owned the used car lot, who was named Mike, felt bad for this young boy he saw in his lot, so he took Pete to his house, dried his eyes, fed him some rice, and let him sleep in the spare bed.  While Pete slept, Mike, who knew a guy named Paul who knew how to help fix Peteís face so Pete would be nice to look at.  Mike called Paul to come to Mikeís house, which Paul did. While Pete slept, Paul did lots of stuff to Peteís face that I wonít say here, but let it be said that when Pete woke up his face looked all new and nice on the eyes, and Pete was pleased.

Mike paid Paul, then told Pete that his Dad would have to take him back when he saw how nice Pete now looked.  Pete thought so too, and so Mike gave Pete a ride back to where Pete lived. Pete and Mike knocked on his door, and his Dad was so glad Pete looked nice that he said heíd be his Dad once more.  But, when Mike told him that he would have to pay for Peteís brand new face, Peteís Dad got quite mad, and yelled and screamed, and kicked out both Mike and Pete.  Mike felt bad for Pete, but he had work to do, so he left Pete in front of his house and drove back to work.

Pete, at this point, was so sad that he felt like a jump off a bridge.  But he did not give up, and walked to the place where his one true friend lived: Danís house.  But when Pete rang the door bell, Dan did not know who Pete was due to Peteís new face, and would not let him in, or talk to him.  For Pete, that is the end of the tale.  He was not at all rich in looks, and that is all that needs to be said.

Wasn’t that pretty good for a story using only one-syllable words?  “I loved you Guinevere I loved you”…fuck you Death Cab!  I just said you were catchy!  Don’t fuck me over with bad lyrics like that…sadness.  They’re a good band.  I remember one time in ninth grade a kid named Chris Wright mentioning that he had just bought this CD and I had no idea who they were, I still liked OLP and MGB.  If only, if only.

IF yo’re going to buy any DCFC album make it this one at least first.  They sound more interested in music than moping, and with all the talent these bastards have you just know it’ll be great.  Reminiscing about ex-girlfriends and sitting on porches post frat-party tastic.  Everything you always introspected about.



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