Death Cab For Cutie – Stability EP

Here’s a review of the Stability EP
Put out by death cab for cutie
it’s only got three songs
one of them is very long
the other two are rudimentary

one of them is a bjork cover
the second track on the tracklist
called ‘all is full of love’
wears its melody like a glove
and if you don’t like it there’s something that you missed

the first track is 20th century towers
it’s pretty bland and overrated too
the guitar work’s not bad
but it can’t succeed in making me sad
so it’s a failure just like a poor jew

Stability is the third song
Thirteen minutes long sweet jesus christ
The last eight minutes
Have no reason to exist
How about these fucking slant rhymes

I hate mother fucking children
Though I don’t hate puppies anymore
they’re greedy they’re self-centered
and they’re free from punishment
I’m so drunk that I could fuck a whore


…How d’ya lke that, ex girlfriends?  Bet your fucking ass you’re sorry you left a man of such talent.  Oh yeah.



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