Death Cab For Cutie – Something About Airplanes

They have engines.


AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  Oh man.  Oh man.  Oh my jesus. Oh my god.


Their first real album and


Ahem.  Their first real album and


Okay.  Okay.  They also have wings.

Heh.  Well they don’t sound amateurish anymore, but they do sound somewhat lifeless.  “President Of What?” is still a great song (although now there’s more of an emphasis on the widdlying TMBG-like keyboard line), “Pictures In An Exhibition was deservedly an underground hit (though why “President Of What?” wasn’t much more successful is beyond me) and “Amputations” has grown a delicious tribal-y beat that makes its plodding along as 1 beat per hour more tolerable, but the rest of the songs are all a little hookless and bereft of heartbreakingly sad lyrics.  I’m also not understanding why “Champagne From A Paper Cup” and “Amputations” made the cut but “Hindsight” didn’t.  I want my quote Hindsight unquote, not boring, heroin-addled (probably not, but wouldn’t it be nice) filler like “Sleep Spent”.  “Line Of Best Fit” is also much improved, but I’m still terrified of it.  I think it goes back to when I was in math class and my best friend got food poisoning from

It’s not like it’s all bad.  Probably good music for pining, but they moved on to making pining music that didn’t suck.  When Ben Gibbard (the lead singer) really sings he’s got one of the best voices in modern music.  Smooth, emotional without being whiny and able to hit both really high and really low notes.  Let’s all erect shrines to him in the corners of our dorms in the shape of phalluses.  The shrines, I mean, not the dorm rooms – though that would be pretty cool, if not very sound structurally.  Imagine it today!

(They can fly)



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