Death Cab For Cutie – Forbidden Love EP

From the title I want to give it a 0 so badly.  Oh please let me give it a 0.  But I know I can’t.  Not when it has a song with such a catchy and adorable drum machine loop like “Photobooth” that they have the good sense to keep audible throughout the entire song, making it sound vaguely Japanese to these drug-influenced ears.  This EP that sells for like $left arm for some reason also features:

a) An outtake from the WHat The Fuck (get it? hint: that other capital is no typo!

) sessions called “Technicolour Girls” that is like everything else on that album in that it’s really slow, but Death Cab should stick to the introspection and stay away from the personification of other, as the lyrics are pretty weak (“Technicolour girls / Are always on the phone”, for instance – how eloquent).  The melody never picks up and it just makes me hungry for chicken wings, though the two may also be unrelated.

b) A song done early in the sessions for The Photo Album (the “Facts version” is on YCPTSWC) called “Song (REALLY? – ed.) For Kelly Huckaby” (note that the “(REALLY? – ed.)” was not in the song title, although the thought of it makes me want to write a song with a similar disclaimer in parentheses)  that, in an odd twist for these guys, is slow and sad, this time with more distorted guitars, and no I don’t know if its about a guy named Kelly Huckaby.  Though if it was a song about Ken Huckaby maybe it would mention his .118 batting average.  Fuckin’ Ken Huckaby.

c) An acoustic version of “405” that’s MUCH better than the original.

d) An alternate version of “Company Calls Epilogue” which makes that clean, almost Coldplaying guitar louder in the mix, the vocals more echoey, and adds some machine sounds in my left speaker.

Nothing really original or daring, but that’s not what you come to the Death Cab for, is it?  If it is, let me tell you:  you, sir, are misinformed, ignorant, gullible, foolhardy, and a waste of space.  This also goes for fans of Metallica’s self-titled album.



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