Blur – There’s No Other Way

Yoo-hoo! It’s your old buddy Blur, and golly, they’ve grown artistically, seemingly in the space between one single and the next! It doesn’t make much sense, but it’s still pretty excellent. All of a sudden they care about average Britainers enough to sing about it, instead of their previous activities of singing lines over and over and encouraging ugly people to dance so they can pick the best looking beached whales out of the crowd to heave themselves onto the band members backstage (I’m guessing).

Hey, here are my notes on the songs. Fuck you, racist scum:

TNOW – Good song! Catchy, poppy, likeable, a proper single. Though still not danceable, very workoutable or feel generally upbeatable. What Stone Roses?

Inertia – slow, woozy, everything sounds drunk and morose, very shoegazey, though i consider it more stare out the window-y. Lacks real oomph though

Mr. Briggs – sounds like it’d a rockabilly song for about one song, sadly ascending note thingy is best part. Blur’s first character study, of which we’ll soon  see many. On form, it’s about a little old depressed guy, set in a sad england where everything is sad and trying to get away any way they can. Has a lot of spacefiling “la la la”s, also to be seen again. I’m not a big fan of the la la la.

I’m All Over – very quick, upbeat rock song (again not making an effort to dance), that i even kept on my computer, thanks mostly to more decidedly unhappy lyrics and some great drumming. Man, you guys is kinda miserable!

TNOW (blur remix) – blur remixed their own song? They basically just took out the lead guitar and vocals for the first two-and-a-half minutes (the remix is five minutes long, the original song three-ish), so now you can hear the bass going “doodle-dum, doo-doo,” surprisingly high keyboards, backup vocals, and additional guitars clearly without all that silly “song” getting in the way. I suppose it’s a little interesting, for like thirty seconds, but then it’s not anymore, and it still goes on. Well, at least in contrast to modern B-side remixes it keeps the original drums instead of “clubbing it up” with a beat-per-second house track.

Won’t Do It – Neat little song with the main riff being an abrasive chord that’s held for a few beats. Also the chorus is based on the line “I won’t do it anymore / I can’t feel it anymore.” It’s a shame they skipped having a personality on the actual album! Also the weird speed-up slow-down “solo” is way too long – it’s like half the song, mang!

Day Upon Day (Live at the Gay Bath House) – Whatso matter, don’t have a live version, little Blurs? Regardless, it’s easily the worst original song on here, being a grating fast-paced number with the vocals mixed too loud and no real song to speak of.

TNOW (extended version) – just the title track with an extra forty seconds in the form of playing the first riff four times instead of twice before the instruments join in, the last riff four times instead of two and including a little breakdown after the second chorus. It’s not exactly high jinks, as you can well imagine. I wonder if it was the original version of the song before editing?

Yes, everyone loves Myles’ patented “just pasting his song notes and calling it a review” reviews! It’s not actually patented, unfortunately.

6 / 10


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