Blur – Tender

Nineder! Blur doesn’t seem to care much about their singles at this point in their career; they could only barely get it together enough for an album, and they’re really not worth it.

“Tender” is awesome. It’s eight minutes long, whiny, gospelly, has the greatest fifteen-second solo ever, the way the band refused to edit it…”Tender”, me love you long time, but then the other songs, the ones not available, are not worth it. “All We Want” is clearly the point, but it’s a failed attempt at making a good song, a loud blah with a silly message (“All we want / All we ever want / Is to be something / But I just say nothing”) and an annoying riff. Then “Mellow Jam” is the jam that begat the nice acoustic album song “Mellow Song” in a form that is not yet a conceived song, “French Song” is a long (more than eight minutes) instrumental that goes around and around a theme that sounds like music to The Sims or Mario Kart and starts again, and again, and again, then there’s “Song 2”. Yep, “Song 2” from two albums ago, unadorned, on a single for no reason whatsoever except to either try to get fans by selling a marketable song as a B-side of the second of two singles for an unmarketable song, to people who would undoubtedly already have it, or just as an act of aggression because “Song 2” sold so well overseas. I don’t know and I don’t care and I don’t like it.



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