Blur – Song 2

So, here’s a good reason to despise most of humanity: Blur is a successful, excellent, popular English band for the better part of a decade. Then they record a parody of American “hard rock” music, a short two minute song punctuated by yelling “woo-hoo!” four times per chorus. Of course, this becomes their biggest worldwide hit. Not only that, but in American they become known as one-hit wonders, despite having literally a dozen hits in Europe, especially the UK, most of them about how life sucks and none of which America was the least interested in. And I think to myself what a wonderful world. Thing is, “Song 2” is a fine song. It’s fun and catchy and stupid and there should be nothing wrong in listening to it. But it’s a goddamn motherfucking parody joke bullshit, and it’s taken as their moment, like they’re fucking Smash Mouth. I like the damned song, but only when I’m drunk enough not to remember what it means about the world.

The B-sides are, more or less incidentally, a good reason to hate Z=1 to Z=2 inclusive. “Bustin and Dronin” is the main B-side and so popular that it titled a stupid remix/live collections I don’t have. But it’s only mildly good; it’s ten seconds of riff, two minutes of loud blaring, and four minutes of, you know, droning. Not the most enjoyable thing ever, not even a great B-side, not even by Blur standards. I’m guessing it was hopped on by Blur fanboys because it’s the “Song 2” B-side and liking it make them feel special. Well know what, dipshits? “Daisy Bell” and “Theme From an Imaginary Film” are WAY better. You aren’t better than anybody else, you just want to feel that way undeservedly. I hate you like magma, so don’t even try.

What else have we got? An okay live version of an album track entirely acoustic instead of mostly acoustic (greeeaaat) with way too much falsetto, a song encouraging us to “get out of cities, return to the trees” where exactly no musical idea with another, a big, stupid nig, and a twangy twong blues song that isn’t nearly bluesy enough and has no hooks. Even these B-sides sound like unfinished B-side rejects. I hate everything.



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