Blur – Out Of Time EP

That’s right, motherfathers, this is the Out Of Time EP, straight at you from Japan, which is an island in Southern China. I had to get it, see, because the assdicks issuing the Think Tank singles made the Cds have only one B-side and the damned DVDs have another, and I’m not going to buy DVD singles. Luckily this EP has all the songs from the Out Of Time and Crazy Beat singles, plus the videos for both. And it only costs like fifty jillion times as much as all of them combined and can’t be found anywhere ever again. I’d say it’s a small price to pay for convenience!

OOT was a gutsy choice for first single, coming as it did on the same album as the stupid “Crazy Beat.” It’s a very good song, thoughtful and sad and original and all that.

The first B-side, “Money Makes Me Crazy (Marrakech Mix)” is also a very good song. It’s a Great Escape-style pop song about the title, which is always a little annoying, but it’s okay because it’s SO CATCHY. It has this riff that’s a major earworm, and I guess it was off the album for being too happy. Also, the band announced they had five mixes of the song, but this is the only one released. Thanks, Blurs. The second B-side is the sub-Radiohead instrumental “Tune 2”, which is mostly notable for showing the band are still bitter about “Song 2” being so successful.

The other two songs were originally on some sort of “Crazy Beat” single. “Don’t Be” is decent, but sounds like about two-thirds of a well-formed, good song. Musically it’s strong, with several hooks and one big riff, but vocally it sounds unfinished and not about anything, and then it ends too suddenly. “The Outsider” is mostly notably for featuring Graham Coxon on guitar, unlike the album. There IS guitar work, but if anything it’s annoyingly sort of Spanish, and the vocals are buried and mumbled. I think they were going for “creepy” with all the breathing noises and high-pitched synths, but it doesn’t have the quality to make it a song worth remembering.

“Respect Our Music” it says under the record company logo inside. Which is funny, because this single was released in five different formats worldwide in order to make as much money from serious fans of said music as possible. In fact, it’s only possible to get all the aforementioned music on this import single that costs much more than the album that generated the single. These tracks, mostly throwaways that nevertheless need to be seriously respected, could easily have been released on a non-import single that wouldn’t cost fans thirty dollars to buy.



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