Blur – On Your Own

Was the point of this single to get people to NOT see Blur live? I don’t have long, because people have invited themselves over to my apartment, or more precisely my girlfriend’s apartment that I’m apartment-sitting, so look: the B-sides are all “Live from Peel Acres,” and with the exception of “Popscene” they’re all from Blur the album. That would be fine and stuff, but all we learn from the live performances are that the band decided to play every song slightly too fast that day and that Damon sang “waa-hoo” instead of “woo-hoo” during “Song 2,” and that “On Your Own” doesn’t translate live well at all.

Also, the song selection is terrible. The first CD has “Chinese Bombs,” “M.O.R.,” and “Movin’ On,” maybe my three least favourite songs from the album. And together in one place! The A-side is a winner, like most of Blur’s A-sides, but the other songs are just a flaccid bit of marketing.



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