Blur – Music is My Radar

This single results from one of my favourites, the old best-of-with-one-new-song trick. But luckily they released it as an otherwise-available single, so you too can skip the compilation! Blur do work pretty well as a compilation, though, so maybe you want that as an introduction.

But we’re not here to talk about your social anxiety, we’re here to talk about “Music Is My Radar” aka MIMR, the one-time most recent Blur, and its B-sides.

Here at Myles’ Music Reviews music is all of our radars, so the title and subject of the title song is appreciated. That said, the song is a trifling bit of fun and not a serious statement, even if the sentiment is genuine. It’s nothing like the last couple albums, which is maybe nice. It’s a pop song again, with wheezy guitars and incomprehensible lyrics, but the hooks are true, and like I said, music is my radar too, also my sonar and scuba and laser and way of handling how boring the world sounds, so the song has a special place in my little heart.

The main B-side, “Black Book” (presented in the ‘Original Version’ even though there’s no other available) is just ridiculous. It’s a fantastic, soaring, eight-minute white-boy bluesy number that goes on and on and on and never gets tiresome and reminds you that Blur can, as mentioned, make good songs out of fairy dust and great ones out of clods of dust and other small things. And crickey, it’s even kinda touching! So yeah, excellent all around.

Further warming my heart are the other two B-sides, a couple very early tracks from when they wanted to be dance-rock. “7 Days” is mediocre and nobody cares (and that circular riff is a big ol’ failblog), but props to the guys for giving the fans a song they’d never heard, eh? It’s almost enough to make me forgive them for putting “Song 2” on the flip side of “Tender”. Last is a live version of “She’s So High,” which I don’t like, but there was talk the group would break up, so they decided to back their last single with their first. It’s that kind of thought that makes me think The Blurs always cared after all.



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