Blur – Bang

A fly just flew into my vokda! Just now! I went to get a drink, and saw a black thing, and upon closer inspection it was a little fly struggling furiously. Apparently it thought my vodka was light, or a male fly with whom it could furiously fornicate. Either way it was stupid. Which I expect out of flies, but still. I tried to keep it alive and put it nicely on the carpet in the corner, but I don’t know if it has any chance of survival after its ordeal. Nor will I. That’s what I hate about flies: they aren’t capable of emotions like gratitude or neural processes like complex memories. Anyway, I’m still drinking the vodka. Yeah, it got a little fly-y, but while do lay eggs in shit, there isn’t currently any shit in my apartment so I’m pretty sure this one was somewhat clean. And I really don’t want to go get more vodka just yet.

I’m currently sitting in front of my space heater. This is a common occurrence at nine at night in my apartment. See, heat’s really pricey, and the evening period is from five until nine, at which points it goes straight into the half-price off-peak. So, by nine it’s fucking freezing in my apartment as I try to live off of the heat generated over the previous night and winter slowly descends. Then at nine I turn on the heat, but it’s just one radiator for a pretty big living room and takes forever to heat it up, and, tired of being cold, I turn on my space heater. Does it cost more than just turning on the heat in peak period an hour earlier? I’ll never know for sure, but fuck it, sitting in front of space heaters is a little joy in life that I’m not going to give up for a couple dollars that would only go towards replacing my fly-y vodka anyway.

Say! I’m writing a book! Anyone know much about that? It’s almost 60% done, meaning I’ll be finished sometime in January. I sure hope it goes well and I don’t end up depressed and suicidal because I’m wasting my life a certain someone you’d have read about in my other reviews (hint: mom)!

Have I mentioned how much I love singles? I love singles! I love the mini-albumness. I love the feeling of hearing “other” songs apart from an album context. I love knowing I’m hearing something uncommon, that isn’t easily available. I love the risks taken on B-sides, musically. I love, love, love.

This single’s alright. “Bang” is a merely good song. I know that it’s trying to convey the notion of time flying by quickly and youth being wasted on the young, but the upbeat, guitar-driven, drum-loopy vibe doesn’t work with the message, and the lyrics are often incomprehensible. The chorus is silly. Blur sound like they couldn’t decide whether they wanted to be Stone Roses or The Smiths (they sure stole the wavering guitar from “Ask”) and the result isn’t up to either.

B-sides! “Explain” has a solid riff, one that Fatboy Slim would later (probably unwittingly) rip off, but loses steam as the chorus gets less cheery, “Luminous” is a shoegazer that’s barely memorable, and “Berserk” is a seven-minute instrumental vamp based on a four note bass riff with a few interesting passages (check out the guitar that starts around 4:30!) but remains an instrumental vamp. Also there’s an extended version of “Bang,” making this the second straight single with an “extended” version of the title track that just has a few extra seconds added. “Uncle Love” is a short, mediocrely mediocre pop song that was probably never seriously considered worthwhile, but isn’t it wonderful how such songs became releasable thanks to singles? I think so ex twenty-five.

It should be mentioned, for any Blurophiles who are on this page, that “High Cool,” a generic bad song from “Leisure,” was planned as the next single, and somewhere out there exists a few promo copies, sadly not included in the freaking box set, that have a few stupid remixes of that song. Now, “Wassailing Song,” that’s a song that should have been included! I sing a garbled version of that song with my friends every Christmas (true story). The real story of this single is that Blur were at the end of their decent songs, and down to releasing songs only interesting once or twice, “Explain” excepted.

5 / 10


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