Feist – Let It Die

Feisty Les is here, and brings eleven songs, half of which are covers. It’s okay though, because the bigger half are originals while the smaller half are the songs that she stole. Also, six of the songs are covers while only five are originals, which is very early 60s of her, but why these songs?

Actually, allow me to back up and say, first, “why this production?” It’s all light jazz, with fingersnaps and soft keyboards, reminiscent of old school porn music, although in a slightly different context. The problem is that shisha bar smooth synths are BAD, and indie rock is GOOD. All the worse songs are the ones where she mistakes a nice song for a chance to weird people with cheeseball throwbacks to 80s soft pop. (“One Evening,” “Leisure Suite,” and usually “Inside and Out”). The best songs are the ones that stay close to the wintry (disclaimer: it’s just cold in my living room) whispery indie singer-songwritering. “Mushaboom” is the single (TM), the whimsical, catchy one about how nice it’ll be to be married parents getting old in the country together, “When I Was A Young Girl,” the album’s only song not about relationships, a cover of what sounds like an old sailor song (“When I was a young girl / I used to seek pleasure / When I was a young girl / I used to drink ale”), and “Let It Die,” a sad, slow relationship’s end song with a nice little meditation for a chorus – “The saddest part of a broken heart / Isn’t the ending so much as the start”.

Then there’s the slow, pretty but forgettable songs (ode to tampons “Gatekeeper”, “Lonely Lonely”, and mournful “Now At Last”),the cute French cover, the likable but meh pop songs, and then it’s over and you’re pleased but underwhelmed. Her voice is still great, the songs are all pretty, but there’s very little that’s substantial.

So, here’s a fun trick: take a book of Christian, chaste dating advice, and read it aloud with your significant other while substituting “fuck” for “kiss.” It’s hilarious! “Dear Kim, I’ve never fucked a girl before, but I know my girlfriend wants me to fuck her. How do I start fucking?” Answer: Just fuck her already! And remember to relax and enjoy yourself.

Yes, it’s also much better advice.



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