Elliott Smith – Division Day

Two songs only! The bouncy piano-driven “Division Day” that sounds kinda like something from a silly musical but manages to be a good time anyway, mostly because of the ultra-catchy chorus, and the boring “No Name #6” that has only one real point of interest, and that’s the annoying vocal chirps during the verses.  Otherwise it’s just your basic acoustic non-melody.  And because this EP is so short, let me tell you about a dream I had to pass the time:

I just had a dream that took the quickest turn for the brutal I’ve ever seen.  I was in Guelph.  Evan made some kind of comment about classes started Monday and he didn’t like it (last night was a Saturday far from classes).  I was outside telling my girlfriend that she had to leave Saturday night because I had class Monday and she launched into a monologue on how what I really wanted was whore training and for her not to be a person to me, entirely yelled.  She was down on a street while I was on a ledge with a wall and a railing, very similar to standing at the side of a stairway.

Then all of a sudden we were in a large auditorium still with the lower area and myself still on a ledge looking at them, but now it was a sqaure of maybe 1000 people in raised seating, just as her yelling reached its end.  Everyone wore black suits. Then someone made a comment (it was topical to what she had just said but now I can’t remember) about comparing a jew to a swan, adding that “all jewish women are swans.”  Then someone said “yeah, jews aren’t people” and then the dream got fucked up.  Whoever made the swans comment had a ball of fire erupt on the seat next to him, and he fell into it and was swallowed up.  The flame quickly then disappeared.  The crowd silenced.   Then it happened to another.  Then another. Somehow I knew that a) it was terrorism and b) all the jews were to be killed and c) the only reason i wasn’t dead yet was because i had recently changed seats.  Instead of being anything else though, the crowd starting chanting supportively of the death and fear.  So I started running around the balcony over the auditorium with balls of flames popping out of the ground near me but never quite catching me and 1) i knew i was the only one left 2) the chant had turned into “Bob Cage! Quebec!” which I’m sure had meaning in the dream (I do remember someone yelling “sent them back to quebec!” as i ran) (and bob cage was some dream politician) with the “bob cage” being slurred almost to the point of unrecognizability as if it were slowed down, the ‘a’ being drawn out and the g like the second g in ‘garage’ while ‘quebec’ was said afterwards in a baritoney monotone.  I ran, trying to get to an open window that was across from where I’d originally stood.  I’m not sure if I made it or not, everything went white, but my inner monologue said I was hiding under a chair.  Which is a pretty silly way to end what was such a morbid dream.




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