Blood Brothers – This Adultery is Ripe

Like the last one, but better!  It’s like they recorded 19 songs for the first album and decided to keep the best ten for their second album to test their fans’ faith by leaving “fossils” of not-catchiness, “not mentioning the American continents or the people who lived there even once”s of inability to write a chorus, “problem of evil” lyrics, and “other fucking religions” of completely (as opposed to just mostly) impossible to understand lyrics.

It’s pretty class how they make great songs without relying on repetition (eg choruses) and then when they do use repetition (like in the, uh, chorus of “Rescue” (I think it’s the only one on the album)) it’s so unexpected and great you just feel like…dancing! When the old Joanna plays! Your heart could take a chance, but your two feet can’t find a way!

Speaking of which, I have few albums which are more fun to listen to. Every one of these ten songs is great, even the ones (“Time For Tenderness” and “Jordan Billie Pets The Wild Horse”) I originally thought weren’t as great. Def def def pick up if you want some energetic non-political punk music with tuneful screaming thrown in and a vocalist who adds an “-ah!” to the ends of lines randomly a la The Fall’s Smith or Wang or whoever guy. Plus, at just less than 22 minutes long it’s the best kind of musical caffeine you can ever want. Fun for the whole family.



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