Blood Brothers – Rumors Laid Waste

They’re very young brothers at this point, sounds like about high school – but all that means is that they can’t write songs!  The music is actually very punkish, with some catchy bass or guitar riffs popping up here and there, even though the drummer never plays as fast as he should. Why are there no punk hardcore bands, anyway? It’s always this repetitively dischordant bullshit, like an abstract writer who writes page after page of word association without any overarching theme or leitmotif: fun at first, but later very repetitive, even if the words are impressively vulgar.

But we’re not talking about hardcore here!  We’re talking about the B-Bros!  And they’re not at all hardcore, even though even the person who gave me this CD described them that way. I called them ‘funcore’ and we all seem to agree on that, because I’m beautiful. Uh…yeah, even though the songs all have titles like “Gagged In A Casket” and “Boy Armageddon”, you don’t get the feeling they’re taking themselves too seriously. Two vocalists, one who sings and one who screams (not like Alexisonfire where the “singer” sounds really overemotive and horrible and the screamer sounds like the sound of vomiting put into a compressor) to go along with the punkish music. They can actually both scream, but usually only one of them does. Horrible things would happen to the screamer later on, but for now it’s a raspy good time even if the only words you can make out in any song (besides the opening of “Red Blooded American Girl”) are the titles. Plus, it’s only about 15 minutes of your life (nine songs and the longest is 2:15) so it’s a good boost of musical caffeine in the morning.



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