Blood Brothers – March On Electric Children

Interesting title. Could be interpreted several ways. Perhaps he’s telling electric children to march on…or perhaps he’s telling us to march ON the electric children, goose-step style!  This is because the Blood Brothers, unbeknowest to most, were formerly neo-nazis back in their native Germany, which is why they’re always screaming so loud that the fence was twelve feet higher than the one outside the church where, back in the 1880s, Reverend Simon Says isn’t a fun game to play anymore than it is to listen to this album because it’s exactly like the last two only worse (and much worse than the last).

Oh I’m sorry, did I just digress into nothingness?  Well I’m not the only one!  …I don’t know what I meant by that either, but I did intend it to tie into the music previously, no worries. The songs are longer (only one shorter than 2 minutes!) but have less to them then the shorter songs on the last couple albums. The dynamic’s still there, but it’s not memorable and special anymore. I couldn’t even name you a favourite song on here (previous favourite songs – “Red Blooded American Girl”, “Rescue”, “This Adultery Is Ripe”). Plus, one of the singers starts adopting this difficult to describe, but partially describable as “whiny” and “high pitched” but better described as “stereotypically gay” voice when he sings that gets annoying reeeeeaaal fast. It feels like they really want to be a more mature, respected band now, what with that longer songs and all, but somewhere along the line they lost the LOVE (except for “American Vultures”, which I have the love for – check out that beautiful harmonious scream at the end!).

Oh, to relive the energy of your youth for about five minutes.



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