Blood Brothers – Burn Piano Island, Burn

I don’t believe in a magic world where prog hardcore is a good idea. Where are you, Jesus? We gave you our all and now we have this. Not that it’s terrible or anything. Not that they’re really hardcore or anything either, but here it feels like they’re trying to be “smarter” than ever before, steel mink beef music when they really weren’t stupid in the first place.

I realize that everyone and their Siamese hermaphrodite thinks this is better than the rest because now all the songs are five minutes long and have lyrics like “the sea shells scream out a celestial code / melting on the shore inside a flaming sno globe” but the imagery rarely really goes anywhere, so it mostly ends up being like the earlier albums but with longer songs and less hooks. Not that there ARE no hooks (for that, see the last album), I do LIKE these guys, but you’d expect more artistic movement than what comes across as an attempt to be taken as “artists” more seriously.

Generally speaking, whenever they try anything that isn’t a somewhat catchy riff followed by four minutes of mostly uninteresting music with barely sensical screaming (mostly by the increasing whiny and faggy lead singer) it’s good, though!  “The Salesman Denver Max” is a charming mostly acoustic tale of kidnapping, “Fucking’s Greatest Hits” and “Ambulance V Ambulance” actually give having pop structure and a little repetition a try (we like repetition) and “1-800 USA NAILS” would be a great song even if all it had were excellent lyrics and not euphonic screaming in both your ears.

…But all that doesn’t make up for over half of these songs being completely unmemorable and more difficult to get through and differentiate than a CD of early Melvins demos.

Say! The approval office is still open. I haven’t changed that much as a person because of being at university. What was once a Radiohead life is now a Modest Mouse life and they have VERY SIMILAR THEMES. They say that it’s college that changes you, but going to university should be much the same…but I haven’t traded in my dialectics yet. I haven’t suddenly learned how to stay busy all the time and live in the moment all the time. Apparently there’s also a crazy party going on at all times involving the wildest and most attractive people ever. It’s been two years and while I have been to some good parties, no doubt, it’s never like it is in college movies. I’m even supposed to be at a “party” school so that can’t be it either. It’s also possible I’m a complete social failure, but I have friends and a girlfriend and healthy drug habits so it’s easier just to feel lied to. More important though, of course, is that the torpor and anxieties and boredom haven’t really gone away like they were supposed to. I realize things have been kinda traumatic lately for me but I’d better not stay here all my life. And I should just be letting change happen but it’s hard when you feel yourself unhappy in your current situation. I have a psychiatrist now, I didn’t want one. I spend lengthy periods of time thinking about things I wished I didn’t. I’m unemployed more or less by choice. I feel like a Raskolnikov but a) that was a long time ago b) that’s a bad thing c) I’m not a Russian caricature no matter how I imagine myself to be similar. This is 2005 Toronto and I’m going into third year with mostly male friends, mediocre marks, a drinking problem, emotional baggage and no epiphanies forthcoming. Also, I’m hungry. This vegetarianism movement isn’t very straightforward with its motivation, especially if you feel it won’t make a difference and you’re like me and have no willpower. I think a better plan would be to

Ed: Four years later: Problems = same, but vegetarianism = still a go! Some awe.



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