Frightened Rabbit – The Winter of Mixed Drinks

Gosh, it’s a “lush,” “atmospheric” post-breakout album that really explores the space of the studio and fills in the gaps in the recording. Really allows for more time to feel the atmosphere. Really just allows them to kind of, you know, generate more chi with the music. Really broadens the artistic horizons considering the addition of lots of other instruments. Have you seen this one? It’s an African fiddle that has one string. It’s really soulful; a lot of African music is just more authentic. It’s important to use the studio to its full potential and get more in touch with the hidden dimensions of the songs; it isn’t all about melody and lyric, it’s about getting into the gaps in the space and just feeling it out. Instruments are important, but they’re only a small part of atmosphere. Hooks are for beginners; real artists create gestalts.

Real artists don’t have to feel what they write about. It takes guts and courage to get outside of yourself and truly create. True listeners are those who find an idea and feel that they can apply it to themselves, so it’s best to create music with that universality, some of us call it “It.” People don’t want to hear about that time you were in London and you saw a knife fight with your then-fiance, people want to hear about being “there” seeing “the fight” with “you.” And people pay for records! It’s poor practice to be difficult. Drums that change are out, drums that go thump-thumpthump! slowly are in! “Fun” is out; lush is in.

Lush like a fucking forest. Of sound, man! But fuck, “Swim Until You Can’t See Land” is a great song, totally rising above how it reminds me the 40 Year Old Virgin and is laughably optimistic. There are a couple other good indie rock songs too. “Nothing Like You” is wonderful in its snideness and the title is a great way to spend every winter and “Foot Shooter” has some lovely “aah”s despite the lyrical cliche that follows. They’re obviously a good band, but next time, less succling your music babies and more banging it out.

Isn’t it annoying when new hot people turn out to be boring and whimless? I miss New York.



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