Frightened Rabbit – Swim Until You Can’t See Land

Oh, it’s a rare two-song CD where you consider both songs for inclusion on a playlist for a newly single friend!

The title track is one of those love-it-the-first-time, would-work-in-any-language-they-should-put-it-on-the-next-Beagle songs that make you feel wonderfully aware that though we are full of anarchy, that we are ugly under our clothes, that we behave worse in worse countries, that light bulbs give 98% of their energy to heat, that we are capable of creating wonderful, inspiring works of art in our age group, of our kitsch, in our mental patois, that maybe it’s not all for dead and that we should frolic in our depression. It’s about getting away from the bad things and the bad times, and it manages to rise above its existence as an already gone work of North American art almost considered unartistic to make me want to call lost friends to say “you’ve missed out on a lot of fun, kid” and continue and continue hitting repeat even if I’m not interested in a drowning of the past at the moment. We can soar on arpeggios. I believe in the ability of modern music to transcend, like Remedios if the world had more grace. In conclusion, I kinda like it.

The B-Side’s good too! It’s called “Fun Stuff,” and it’s a rather sad post-coupledom song, in the style of the last album only more subdued (no drums, and the only electric guitar is way in the back of the mix playing awesome weird scrounching noises) featuring the memorable verse (though you have to strain to hear it a bit) “I am quite alright / I can laugh just fine / I am not depressed / Not all the time / But the fun stuff is much less fun without you.” Awwwwwwwwwww! Awwww! I could have included those “aw”s in the quotes and it would have been accurate, too! I thought you’d like that verse, Gilleen.

At three in the morning we had already walked a mile, down the hill, and onto the dock. Ever go in a sauna then jump into cold water right after then repeat? Neither have I. That’s why I didn’t mention it. It’s great.



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