Frightened Rabbit – Quietly Now! (Liver! Lung! FR!)

A live, mostly acoustic, song-for-song, in order, almost note for note run through of “The Midnight Organ Fight.” Minus the two instrumentals. Well, without “The Pink Bookmark” this album is nothing, so I give it a zero!

So it’s a very good album that sounds weirdly subdued thanks to the predomination of acoustic guitars, with odd crowd noise and minimal banter. Really takes the oomph out of “The Twist.” Hey, I doubt they gave a fuck. Everyone seems pretty jazzed about “Old Old Fashioned” though. “The Midnight Organ Fight” is a funny euphemism for sex. It took talent to make that line that goes “it takes mooooore than fucking someone you don’t knooooow to keep warm” work. Also, the lyrics to “Head Rolls Off” are clever and nice. Well, that was a nice forty minutes of listening to this album, now for up to sixty years of never listening to it again.



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